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blueshell Error Guy : you really need it! If you have any calls to user-defined functions or subs in your code (have you ever seen another program?), you need to be very aware of this feature of Visual Basic's error handlers; it can cause control to unexpectedly jump into your calling procedure's error handler. And if there isn't a calling procedure (as in all event handler subs like Form_Load, OK_Click etc.) your application will abort immediately. For this reason, we can only recommend that you include an error handler in at least every event handler procedure in your application. This may seem like a lot of work, and it definitely increases the size of your code, but the alternative is worse. Using blueshell Error Guy you can do it quickly and without any problems. In any programming environment, you have to deal with errors, and Microsoft Visual Basic is no different. These errors fall into three categories: Compile-time errors - occur when your code contains incorrect syntax. Run-time errors - occur when a condition raises an error at runtime. Logic errors - occur when your code doesn't do what you intended because of improper logic or misunderstanding. Our software tunes your code, providing that it will handle run-time errors safely. blueshell Error Guy is designed for developers who create Microsoft Visual Basic programs. With its easy-to-use interface, blueshell Error Guy allows you to organize many types of error handling. When a run-time error occurs, you have several ways of dealing with it. Resolving errors requires three steps: Setting an error trap Reacting to the error Exiting the error handler Don't bother about that. Simply use blueshell Error Guy . Our software is useful for all these steps.

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